Our Projects

Some recent work

Patricia Ravine

Trail construction including environmentally sensitive brush removal, rough grading, base preparation, compaction; wooden stairway construction, security bollard, bench, and trash receptacle placement, retaining wall construction (column and timber).

Schonsee Wetland Landscaping

Trail site preparation, trail construction, rough grading and bridge abutments, fine grading of existing topsoil, topsoil placement, seeding, naturalization planting area preparation, shrub bed preparation, native species planting. Hard Landscaping: View Deck, Concrete Bridge Abutments, Bridge/Boardwalk, bat houses, turfstone, geogrid, brushpile habitat, amphibian habitat, fieldstone boulders, silt fence.

PCL Quarters Streetscape

Silva Cell soil cell structural installation including: subgrade verification, granular base preparation and compaction, soil cement placement, silva cell placement, topsoil placement, clay backfill placement and compaction, geogrid and geotextile placement, boulder installation, tree and shrub installation; Included coordination with multiple trades: excavation, irrigation.

Metro LRT

Soft landscaping: topsoil placement and fine grading, shrub bed preparation, tree bed preparation, and placement of thousands of shrubs, trees, and sod placement.